Akira Kongou
Akira Kongoh
Name Akira Kongou
Kanji 金剛晄
Romanji Kongō Akira
Title Kongou Banchou
Gender Male Male
Age 17-22 (after EoS 5 year time-skip)
Likes Pudding, getting things done
Dislikes Unfinished business
Professional Status
District Chiyoda District
Occupation Banchou Alliance
Personal Status
Relatives Takeshi Kongou (older brother)
Soara Sorano (younger sister)
Homura Kongou (father)
Rai Kodama (nephew)
Sayuri Kongou (mother)
Kai Kongou (grandfather)
Weapons Muscle of Steel
Fighting Style Brawling
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Image Gallery

Akira Kongou (金剛 晄, Kongō Akira) is a regular guy who fearlessy fights the evil banchou army with his towering body, muscles of steel and fists which can shatter even boulders. He is the main protagonist of this story. His goal is to stop the 23 District Project which will produce a new generation of dictators. In order to do this, he became the banchou representing the Chiyoda District and battles with the other banchou of the city! Where on Earth did he come from? Why does he know about the project? How did he come by such physical superhuman power? All these riddles will be answered throughout the battles. He is also a member and leader of the Banchou Alliance.


Akira is a large man with an even larger heart. He is always calm and composed but only loses his cool when his friends are hurt or when someone annoys him. When he speaks most people can't help but feel overwhelmed and see the error of their ways. He helps the little guys and doesn't care about being rich or powerful.

Besides his desire to destroy the 23 District Project he's happy just enjoying simple little things. He follows what he calls simple logic (someone hurts your friend, you hurt them back). Besides his fighting knowledge and schoolwork, Akira isn't very knowledgeable of technology and doesn't even have a cell phone. His strength and massive build makes delicate work hard for him. Besides taking down other banchō, Akira also helps those in his district with their own problems. He does the impossible and his catchphrase is "LIKE I CARE"


Akira grew up with his older brother Takeshi Kongou and his baby sister Soara Kongou and lived with their father Homura Kongou who was a diet member. Their mother, Sayuri Kongou went to another country to help refugee's from a civil war. Sayuri was loved and praised by many for her kindness but apparently some were disgusted by Sayuri for leaving her family and wanting to help refugees. Takeshi easily gets mad when people traduce his mother and Akira will always calm him down when he loses his temper. Akira and his siblings would occasionally visit their mother.

After spending some time with their mother, the camp Akira was in was attacked. Everyone escape except for one girl who Akira befriended and went back to save her, once they got out Takeshi yelled at him because there mother went back in to save him but it was too late, the house broke down and crushed their mother. Once the doctor found her Takeshi was mad at Akira and said he will never forgive him but they mother said it was okay and said her final words which leave Akira and Takeshi in tears.

When they got back they notice there a lot of note saying bad stuff about they mom and Takeshi ran off to the market and heard a lot of people bad mouthing they mother and he finally snap and frighting them and destroying the place with his bare hand. Akira found him and stop him and told what they mother said but ignore him and told him those people doesn't deserve happiness and Akira was left shocked.

Every year they visited they mother's grave but they relationship were never fixed. When Akira went to they mother
Takeshi Double Hammer

Takeshi's Double Hammer

grave he notice the women from before crying to his mother and Akira was sad because Takeshi didn't see this woman care about they mother. 14 years later Akira went to the a clips and met Takeshi who told him about the 23 District Plan and told him he want Akira to be a part of it but he shut it down and they began to fight because Akira told him don't do this but Takeshi ignore him and sent him off a clips thinking he was dead but Akira survived and vow to destoryed the 23 District Project.


Iai Banchou ArcEdit

Akira was in the street of Chiyoda District and that is where he met Hinako for the first time. She was trying to find the 1000th unusual picture for her little sister Tsukimi and he fit the bill. When she took the picture, Akira stared at her, and Hinako thought he was going to kill her for taking a picture without asking, but then a teacher from her
Akira saving Okawari

Akira saved Okawari

school, Okawari, told her she should be studying rather than flirting with boys. Okawari was doing bad stuff to Akira like bad mouthing him, pulling his hair, pouring ramen on his head and telling him he was the one asking the question and that he should say "yes sir" to him, but Akira was just standing there. Hinako was trying to stop him, but he told her to shut up and told her it was hard to feed his kids and to teach unwilling kids and it was a lot of stress for him and continued to beat Akira, but Akira didn't do anything but dodge his last punch. Some workers upstairs told them to look out because they were carrying heavy metal but then the rope loosened and the metal fell down and almost crashed Okawari but Akira saved him by blocking the metal with his body! Okawari and Hinako were shocked and Okawari told him why he saved him, but Akira said that Okawari had kids at home and it would be sad if their father is gone, Okawari was touched by Akira words of kindness.

Hinako ran away when Akira almost killed her by accidentally senting one of the metal towards her, and scared her off. Akira ask Okawari if he see a tatto with a dark red pheonix design, but he said he didn't see one. Akira later saw a little girl crying because she was lost and nobody was helping her, but Akira offer to help her, and find her sister, the little girl name is Tsukimi, and
Akira carrying a car

Akira carrying a car

 she show him a drawing of her sister, and herself, Akira told her is a nice picture which made Tsukimi happy. They found her sister who turned out to be Hinako, and was shock to see Akira again. She scream out loud, and told him to give Tsukimi back, and check if she's okay. Hinako then pull Tsukimi away from Akira and told her not to talk to strangers. Before they left, they pump into a person, and that person got mad for pumping him. Tsukimi told him he standing on her drawing, but he ripped it up as pay back and walked away. Tsukimi started to cry, and, Hinako try to calm her down, but, Akira saw what happen, and got mad. Akira went to the Yazuka Syndicate Office to have pay back for hurting Tsukimi feelings. Akira put Hinako and Tsukimi inside the car while he carrying them inside the office. Akira went to the main office where the head of the yazuka and the man who ripped Tsukimi, but he was stopped by the lieutentant of the yazuka, and try to kill him with his sword but Akira broke it with only two fingers. Everyone was shock to see what happen but the lieutentant keep on trying to cut Akira, but with no luck and was beaten with one smash with his fist.

The lieutentant ask what his name, and told him his name is Akira Kongou, and told him why he was here, and Akira
Akira telling Hinako he would be going to her school

They meet yet again

revealed he is here because one of his men ripped Tsukimi drawing, and wanted the man to apologize to her. He was confused, and say why he came for this stupid drawing, and Akira yelled that him for saying that and this drawing was meant to show how much Tsukimi loves her sister. The man beg down, and said he was sorry, Akira accepted his apology, but if Tsukimi didn't accepted his apology, he is dead meat, but Tsukimi accepted it, and will make another drawing, the man was happy to hear that and cry tears of joy. The yazuka were confuse to who was he, but the lieutentant said he is a banchou, who are honorable men, but today that meaning was obsolete. The lieutentant say that "they will silently extend a hand out for the weak, they will fight to the very end, even if there were a hundred, a thousand opponents they will stand firm agaisnt them. An honorable man who protect their companions "Banchou" a man among men." Akira took Hinako and Tsukimi back home, and Tsukimi made a new drawing of Akira carrying them in a car. Hinako was tired from what happen before, and thought it might have been a dream, but Akira appear to her, and said he will attended her school which shocked Hinako a lot.

Akira start to attended Hinako high school, and he shocked everyone in his classroom due to his appearance, and the teacher
Akira yelling at Oyanana


told him he can sit next to Hinako which she doesn't like. Oyanana who is the chairman of the school son, took an interest in Akira, and wanted him to be his bodyguard because since Oyanana is the chairman son, and said he can do anything he wants, but Akira got mad, and yelled like he care which scared Oyanana, and made him run away. The classmate were impressed by Akira action and the way he helped the girls who Oyanana rip they dress for fun. Oyanana was mad ,and order the school best boxer Ouda to beat him up. Akira ask Hinako to talk to her alone, and she came along. He ask her if she saw someone with a dark red phoenix tattoo on they neck, but she said she might have seen one before, and said it could be in the boxing club. Akira went there, and found Ouda who they talk for a bit, but Akira saw they were no tattoo just a birth mark.

Ouda stop him from walking away, and told him he has been looking for him,  
Killer Blow

Akira withstanding Ouda's blow

Oyanana then came in, and told Akira that Ouda is the best boxer in school, and everyone in the japanese boxing world knows him. Ouda try to punch Akira, but have no effect which left Ouda, and Oyanana in shock. Ouda told him why he didn't block or dodge the attack, but Akira told him that his fist cried out this isn't what he trained for, which made Ouda think about the Oyanana forced him into doing this because Oyanana might make bad rumor to let his father down.Ouda was touch by Akira courages, and kind way, so Ouda gave up the fight, but Oyanana wasn't happy about this, and Akira went after him next to teach him a lesson, and almost hit Oyanana which freaked him out, but Akira stopped, and Oyanana ask him why he stop, and Akira said to Oyanana that he shouldn't use other peoples power to make him stronger which touch Oyanana, and changed for the better.

Akira meet up with Hinako again in a dessert place and Hinako told him she found a tattoo that might be the one
Akira crushing Mitsunobu

Akira using his "head"

he's looking for, Akira ask her how she got it but Hinako said she got it by accidented and Akira ask her if anyone who say they are Banchou which shocked Hinako and made her laught saying nobody use that. Akira decided not to tell her what going on but Hinako begged him to tell her and he did. He said there is a project called the 23 District Project to see who will rule Japan! He said is a game where each banchou have they own district to own and if the other banchou beat them all will rule Japan and change it however they like. Akira also say the reason they doing this is because thing are bad going on in Japan and want a new ruler to change it. Hinako think it was crazy and that he is insane and she ran away from him. When he was still in the dessert place the window were broken and a guy named Karaburi came out and said he was after him because the police told him so because Hinako told the project to the police but they were also in it like the government and they got her. Akira beat him up easliy by using his head literally and went off to find Hinako.

Akira was stop by Ouda and was willing to help him. Karaburi phone is ringing but Akira didn't know how to use it,
Double Hammer

Kiryu defeated

so Ouda use it and a guy who have Hinako told him where to meet and they went there. When they got they it was reveal that the guys name is Touya Kiriu who is the banchou of Chiyoda District and wanted to change Japan into it old cultures way. Ouda was defeated easliy but Kiriu was having a hard time to beat Kiriu. After Akira defeated Kiriu with his move the Double Hammer and Akira told him he is nothing but a brat who talk nothing but his dreams and hope someone else to do it which help Kiriu think but the whole fight was tapped by the head of the 23 Distuct Project, Akira has taken Touya's place as the district's banchou. He took Ouda to the hospital and Hinako home.

Nenbutsu Banchou ArcEdit

Akira beating Seitaka with Kongara

Seitaka and Kongara overpowered

Akira visit Ouda in the hospital to see how is he doing and he say he gonna be in the hospital for a month and told him to go back to school which he did. When he got there he saw that Oyanana was being beaten by Raionji underling Seitaka and Kongara, who Akira beat them easliy and went to Oyanana to see if he is okay and told him why he did this and Oyanana said he was a shameful person up until now and wanted to change for the better because of Akira. He wanted to be a man who follow his own path like Akira and now doubting himself but Akira told him he follow his own principles which made him a man. Akira went to Sumida District to beat Raionji for what he did to Oyanana.

Akira crash through the templar where Raionji is from the top by using Double
Akira running on water and saving Kongara

Running on water

Hammer and beat Seitaka and Kongara again. Akira used Kongara to broke down the door where Raionji is and found him meditating but Raionji stop Kongara from crashing him by using some weird force which knock Kongara out cold? Kongara fall into a pool of piranhas and there seem to be no way to save him but Akira saved him by running on water! Everyone started to think he might be a God or a demon but Akira told them when your right foot hits the water, you bring your left! All he did was repeat itself! Everyone was shocked to hear that but Raionji was not effect of what happen and said he is the same as him but Akira didn't agree with him and told him what his goal. Raionji said he wanted to seize the hearts of the people in they filthy country by using his miraculous abilities and renew it as a one large reliogus country with him acting as a living buddha.

Akira try to punch Raionji but for some reason he is moving without moving his legs and shout out a blast out of nowhere? Akira block the attack and try to figure out how he do that. When he try to kick him he started to float up in mid-air and said that power separates human and buddha but he was stopped when Akira use his Double
Meteo Drive

Raionji crushed

Hammer to move the statue he was on and he fall into the water. When Raionji try to get out Akira punch him right back in and he follows him but when Raionji thought he defeated him Akira got him by the legs and shake him around and sent him flying out of the pool. When they on land he told him he found out his tricks and that the source of Raionji's power, that he enlarged diaphragm allows him to store massive amounts of air with which to use his various attacks. Everyone was surprised to find out Raionji miracles were fake but Raionju told him he didn't win because he found out his secret. Akira later defeated him easily and used Meteo Drive to defeat him. Akira told him to let logic throught to be a real man. Raionji followers started to think he is the true Budda and want to follow him but Akira told them he doesn't care and only came to avenge his friend.

Gouriki Banchou ArcEdit

Akira went on a picnic with Hinako and Tsukimi in the park and they were enjoy themselves until a the leader of the Min
Akira stopping Onji punch

Akira's insane strength

ato District Gouriki came in and told him he been looking for him. But Akira told him he is busy eating pudding, Gouriki got mad and try to hit  him but he stop him with only one hand and when he finish eating the pudding he push him back and he was shock that no matter how many time he try to push he couldn't punch him and beg down on his knees and told him he been defeated but Akira could tell there was other reason why he did it because there were no killing intent in his fist. He told him to stop they real leader Gouriki who he was pretending to be Goriki to teach out Akira strength and that he is just a underling named Onji Kairiki. Onji told them that the disappearance of buildings or devil diasters in Minato District was cause by Gouriki because his leader believe they were "rightous acts." He said they leader is not a bad person they leader have a one-track mind and now thinking they leader is doing it for justice but causing problems. Akira agree to help Onji to stop Gouriki.

When Akira went to a chemical plant where Gouriki is destorying the place because the chemical plant is casuing a
Akira attacking Kobushi with Double Hammer

Gouriki withstanding the Double Hammer

problem to the environment and when he got there it turns out to be a girl and she little but can wield two giant iron ball with ease! Goriki was gonna destory the most dangerous thing in the plant but stop her bt using his Double Hammer but she stop it by using her hands! Gouriki toss Akira aside but he landed on his feets, Goriki say that Akira seem to be not taking it seriously and told him to fight her seriously. It later turn out by Hinako that Gouriki have Hyperion Constitution which a very rare thing happen to humans that increase the humans muscle to a point where they can carry very heavy thing no normal human can. When Goriki smash Akira with two of her iron bulb, Hinako and her thought he was beaten but then the tank had a leak which turns out to be acid which melt metals! Her bulter Gokurou explain to her if that acid went into the ocean it will cause death of many fishs and human as well! Gouriki realize what she done and when to stop it but then Onji came in and try to stop it and Gouriki try to stop him from doing this because it was her fault but he wanted to do this because he will always protect her. But then Akira came by and stop the poison by tossing another tank into the ocean that will cure the poison and is harmless to humans.

Gouriki is depressed because she almost got Onji and other people and fish died because she didn't think straight
Akira defeating Kobushi with Double Hammer

Gouriki's defeat

also she cause the plant workers some trouble too, but Akira say that she learn her lesson and he should go and Hinako came in and told him he should have said he is okay but Gouriki stop him and said she wanted him to fight her seriously this time for real and Akira. They went away from the plant and when Gouriki try to attack him Akira defeated her easliy by only using Double Hammmer which destoryed her bulb. Gouriki was happy to one she was right because back then he wasn't taken it seriously because the tank was behind and if he did fight seriously he would have sent her flying to the tank. Onji was surprised what a man he is for thinking about the dangers around him then the fight. Gouriki say she lost in both power and heart but Akira didn't think so because she was willing to throw away her life to save her underling and others and that she shouldn't misuse her and Gouriki was touched by his words.

Hikyou Banchou ArcEdit

Akira was walking down the street when tons of rose were falling down around the street and turn out a man named Harito Takarazuka who ruled the Kita District and that he wanted to make Japan nothing but beautiful thing and wanted Akira to fight him but he was beaten in one punch and Akira yelled at him for litter the street with many roses. Harito was shocked why he isn't wounded like one of his underling told him but he cleaned the street like Akira told him to do. The next day Akira was on the train but then a guy on the train talk to him without anyone hearing and did something to Akira which would knock out a regular person. The person reveal that he can't use Double Hammer in the train with people around and that person reveal himself to be Hikyou Banchou of the Itabashi District he will fight him in his own cowarly way? It turned out that Hikyou had a gun inside his phone and shoot Akira with it and he went to the school nurse and Hinako went there to help him. She first aid him and talk about what happen, but then a school speaker came up and told him he to help a teacher but was confuse because he helped him before. When Akira went to the old school buliding it explored which left Akira semi blind because of the smoke of the blast.

He told Hinako to still away from him for a while but when he walk off he notice she was following him anyway and yelled at her why she follow him and told him she was worried and want to make sure his okay but then they heard
Akira tricked into getting hit by truck

Akira getting hit

a sound and it turn out to be Hikyou and he said that Akira and Hinako would be a lot closer in the after life. Hikyou took out a grenade and toss it out on the road and when Akira catch it to save Hinako but it turn out to be just a rubber ball but then a truck came by and hit Akira! Akira is some what fine but his right arm is broken but then Hinako phone ring and when she answer it, it turn out to be a picture of Tsukimi. Akira got worry and ask her to call the nursery school to see how see is. The nursery school told them a guy claim to be her older brother came by and took her then a another call came by and it was Hikyou who told them he have Tsukimi and if they wanted to see her again Akira have to go alone to where they are but Akira already left to where Hikyou is and told her he will sent him to hell.

Akira when to where Hikyou is and Hikyou and told him he will let Tsukimi go if he did something. Hikyou told him
Akira repelling iron ball with his chest alone

Akira reflecting Hikyou Banchou's Iron Ball attack

not to move while he whipped 100th times and if he do he'll kill Tsukimi. After whipping him he decided to leave but Akira told him to continued, Hikyou was shock to hear that but continued as he was told but after a while the whip was getting broken and Akira injury are almost heal while Hikyou was busy whipping him but he went back outside to get something and broken throught a wall showing he got a iron ball on a moblie crane to smash him but when he does it, it had no effect on Akira! Hikyou was totally shocked what happen and Akira told him to stick with his word to let Tsuikimi go but then a little kid came by dressing up as Hikyou and said to let Hikyou go and calling him his big brother?

Hikyou got worry and keep on telling Akira he doesn't know him but the kid freak out and start hitting Akira but have no effect on him, Akira ask what going on but he was hit by many roses and it turn out to be Harito who came back
Akira defeating Harito with Double Hammer

Harito's defeat

for revenge for Hikyou tricking him. He got the boy whose name is Kouta hostage and told Hikyou who names is Yuu. Harito told him and Akira that he know everything about Yuu that his real name and where he came from and that he became a forest parent to the 13 kids to be his brothers and sisters and that Kouta is one of them. Harito reveal that Hikyou do dirty trick and lies in dark jobs to paid of for raising the kids but Kouta knew about this becaus he saw him go out that night and might be doing something bad but still have great fate in him. Yuu was happy to hear that and told Kouta that he will be as cowarly as he can be for the sake of his brothers and sisters. Harito told him if he wanted Kouta to live he have to kill Akira with a knife and himself. He did what he told him to and kill Akira and then himself. Harito was laughing in victory but it turn out Yuu faked his death and try to attack him but Harito attack back but then Akira got up which shocked Harito and it turn out Akira is still alive and defeated Harito. After that it turn out Tsukimi was with Yuu brothers and sisters the whole time playing and he went there to get her. Before they left Yuu ask him why he saved him and told him what would happen to the kids. Yuu said Akira might wins this round but he will still be his enemy and win the Project. But Akria told don't be reckless in his life which touched Yuu.

Sasori Banchou ArcEdit

Hinako told Akira about what happen in Kindergarden and they is a women who want revenges on him. The

Sasori and Akira clash

women name is Haruka Kodama who is the banchou of Edogawa District and mother to a child named Rai who look like Akira? Akira and Hinako went to the District to fight Haruka like she told him and when they got there, they were biker gang every where and Haruka appear and told him she will have her revenger for what he did to her and Rai but Akira have no idea what going on? They started fight and seem like Haruka is winning and beating Akira up. Haruka was beating Akira with her move the Crazy Machine Gun but Akira punch her back hard but she got up and they head butted each other but they ended up punching each other out of it and continued to fight but Akira used Double Hammer on her and the reason he was taking beaten up easliy because he underestimate her because she is a women.

But then a song shown up and she said she will fight him seriously this time but
Wild Tailer

Wild Trailer

Akira told her he doesn't know what he did to her but she attack him and paralyze Akira by her because she learn a ability to paralyze her opponent with her fingers and might kill him if she continued to hit him with this! Akira wasn't abilty to move and Haruka continued to beat him up for the pain he cause her and Rai. But Akira somehow move again and Haruka was shocked to see that but when she try to do it again her finger is broken and Akira defeated her with Wild Trainler.

Haruka was crying saying she couldn't get her revenge and said sorry to Akio? Akira tell her abot the grudge she hold against him and she told him that Rai wasn't even her child and that Ako was Rai real mother but she was told to take care of him as her own because she was dieing of giving birth and told her don't hold a grudge against his father but she couldn't help it because he left her and Rai. She show him the picture of Akio and the father but it turn out not to be Akira because the man have a dark red hoenix tattoo and that man is Akira big brother Takeshi! They later talk and said to share information in order to find Takeshi.

Five Dark Vows ArcEdit

Akira was in school when suddenly a man by the name Bakunetsu Banchou was beating up some students and Akira went in to
Akira defeating the Enjou Brothers

Bakunetsu Banchou's underlings loss

save them. Ryougen was happy to see him because he will be the first one to take his head. Akira try to fight Ryougen but was stopped by his underling and Ryougen let his underling to fight him. After Akira defeated the underling and Ryougen start attacking Akira but then four more banchou came in! They told Akira that they are the Five Dark Vows and they made an allies to defeat him? Akira start fighting the Five Dark Vows but they were too many of them and when they almost finished him off but then the people Akira defeated Iai, Yuu, Raionji, and Gouriki came in and try to save Akira? The Five Dark Vows summon all they underling to defeat them but they all defeated them with ease. The Five Dark Vows decided to continued the fight some other time and will tell them when. Akira thanks them for they help.

They were later told to go to an abandoned military base to fight, when they got they the Five Dark Vows shown up
The group escaping the destruction

The Banchou's evacuating the base

and challeged them to a one-on-one fight each of them and they will fight in different level of the base and each one have a suprise in them. After his allies defeated all the four of the Five Dark Vows, Akira was ready to fight the final opponent Ryougen. They were gonna fight in a volcanic stage but then the place was going to explode and the magma was rising and it turn out that Haruya Kaburagi sent the alarm to destory the place because for revenger on Yuu. The Banchou Alliance and the Five Dark Vows decided to do the battle another time and try to escape. When they get to the elevator it wasn't working and realize the power is out. Ryougen used his body to reconnect the power. But Akira came in and decided to help. The elevator is working again and the rest told them to come but they say they should go on ahead? They did what they told them and went up to the surface and the place crash down! They all thought they died but then they both pop out of the crumbles and they were all happy to see them alive.

Akira decided to conutied the fighte here and Ryougen agreed. The rest were worried that they need help from the injurt but they said they wanna to settle the fight. But then Kiriu sense something and then a missle came in and exploded where Ryougen and Akira were but it turn out they were okay and it turn out that this place is a the fuji live firing exercises. The rest told them to get away but Ryougen said he doesn't run away from anything and Akira
Akira hitting Homuraya with Double Hammer

Akira attacked Ryougen

attacked Ryougen conutied the fight. They start fighting each other but Ryougen was trying his hardes attack but Akira doesn't feel much. Ryougen told them that he doesn't run away because it mean defeat and defeat means he's not hot-blooded and when a missle almost hit him he grab it and toss it on Akira and expolded. Ryougen seem to be winning but Akira used his lead hands and punched Ryougen in the stomach. Ryougen said it was nothing but then he started to cought blooded! Akira told him what does hot-blooded means to him and he told him hot-blooded means "To live life facing your goals with unwavering effort and bursting forward with fighting spirit" since many people in Japan look back they are not hot-blooded to him and to him have no value. Akira told him why he attack his classmate and he said they were cold-blooded without knowing them first. Akira beat Ryougen and told him his logic is flawed but Ryougen withstand the attack and fight back.

But Akira got him back with the Wild Trailer. Ryougen was heavy injury and his teammate were suprised that Ryougen is like a monster to them but he is nothing but a child compairing to Akira and told him to stop fighting him but he wouldn't listen and conuited but he had no chance now. When he look at Akira again he look like a giant monster and he was nothing but a little man and now feeling timid toward him and thought he was getting smaller because he got his hot-blooded back but it turns
Akira stopping his fist

Ryougen defeated

out he was backing away and was suprised to see that and shock to know he was scared of him now and know thinking himself as trash as the other people. Ryougen had no choice but to put a bomb inside of himself and destory Akira and himself! Everyone try to stop him but he did it and said that he have no value anymore but still a banchou. But Akira punch him in the stomach, got the bomb and toss it into the sky and it expolde and saved everyone. Ryougen was suprised that this and was wonderliy why he looked so huge to him and was thinking it was because Akira power or his fear but Kiriu came in and told him it was because of his capacity to accpet anyone even the weaks. Ryougen admit defeated and ask him to finish him off but Akira didn't and told him that the fight is over and they should go somewhere to eat. The Five Dark Vows told him they forgive him and they went out to eat.

Machine Banchou ArcEdit

Akira shown up to see how are Hinako and Tsukimi doing but then Machine (who was with them) recognizes him and
ATM-KM killing Akira with Solid Screw

Death by Machine Banchou

told him he is here to kill him! Akira was ready to fight him but Tsukimi told them not to fight but they didn't listen and fight. Akira told him they should fight somewhere else where people can't see they fight but Machine didn't listen to him and kick him and sent him flying? Tsukimi kept on telling him not to fight but he still doesn't listen. Machine was planning to punch him but Akira dodge it in time and used Double Hammer but it wasn't effected and when Akira used Wild Trailer but it wasn't effected and toss Akira over. Akira was suprised how strong he is and might be even stronger than his brother! He try to beat him but unfortunately Machine used his hand and stab him right throught which killed him!?

Akira coming back to life

Akira's ressurection

Later Hinako took him to a hospitality but the doctors said he was dead! The Banchou Alliances heard about this and wanted to have revengers on Machine for killing Akira. When Machine when to his highschool to take control a mysterious person came to his room and talk to him? He took him why did he come this far and what he'll do now. He told him if he knows that he can't sleep forever. He told him what happen to the school and that his friends are fighting. He told him that regular people think they are throw into a world of a movie or comic book and when they realize it's real they feel fear and confusion? He told him that his friends are fighting despite them knowing they can't win. He told him he is the only one to save them and stop the 23 Distric Project and then suddely Akira eyes are open!?

Later he went to his high school and when he took there everyone was almost
Akira alive

Akira's comeback

beaten and when they saw him coming they were very happy to see him again. He went to Oyanana who was fighting very hard to protect the school and become a second Kongou. Akira told him he did a great job and went to Machine to fight him again! Akira told him he is Machine Banchou and he said he was and that he was created to destory all banchou and to win the 23 District Project and change Japn into a country where everyone follows the order of his creator Dr. Kagimiya. When he mention Tsukimi, he told him what he do to her but he told him she is fine and welll hidden. There start they fight and when Machine try to punch Akira chest he stretch his chest and his punch didn't do much? When Akira used his Double Hammer on Machine and sent him flying.

Machine realize his attack is much stronger than before and he was completely heal in one day? Machine attack
Akira entering Violence Mode

Akira's "Violent Mode"

right back at him but Akira defended himself and started to attack each other. Akira manager to give him a good punch and send him flying again. But Machine came right back and told him why was he so strong than before but Akira told everyone to move away because it was dangerous and they did as he said and they conutied to fight. Akira told Machine that a machine like him will never understand. Machine and Akira conutied to fight but Akira realize he is not strong enought and he had to use a move he was saving for his brother. Machine to beat him but Akira told him why is he doing this and Machine told him he have to follows his order to be by Tsukimi side but Akira told him he should do what he wanted to do and try to find the will and told him that he wanted to protect Tsukimi and that is not his orders and that is his free will! Machine sent him to a wall but and told him he is not human not a battle machine  then Akira came right out and his muscle grown much bigger and told him this is his Violent Mode?

Akira told him that he have one minute to beat him and that if he resist for a one whole minute he wins? When Machine went in to beat him, Akira punch him and sent him flying away! Machine was suprised how powerful his
Violent Mode Double Hammer

Machine Banchou defeated

punch become and have no data on it. Akira came in and jump on him but Machine punch him away and kick him with his upper legs. But then Akira countied to punch him but Machine came up behind him but Akira punch him away. Machine realize how much damages he got but he told himself he had to win for Tsukimi but then Akira told him it's almost time and will finish him in one move and Machine did the same thing. Machine used the same move that killed "Solid Screw" but Akira use Double Hammer on him which sent him flying and broke his arm! Machine was standing saying that there no way he can battle and fall down which left him defeated! Akira shrink down and left down out of energy by using the Violent Mode. The doctor saw what happen and decided to go to and finish the business. Machine said that he didn't complete the mission and was thinking that since machine don't complete orders he is useless but Akira told him since there are no orders left, he can move on to his own will. Akira told him what he wanted to do.

Machine told Akira that Tsukimi was in trouble because he gave her a button to call him but then Dr. Kagimiya came in while inside a giant robot building and called it the New Machine Banchou because of Machine
Akira destroying New Machine Banchou

Akira defeated Kagimiya

failed his mission and Tskimi was inside the robot. Machine told Akira that he wanted to protect Tsukimi as his own will and Akira was happy and they both decided to work togehter to save Tsukimi. Akira used Double Hammer on Kagimiya foot after Machine was hit but have no effect and was grab by him and was about to be crash to death! When Machine was shoot down while protecting Tsukimi and Kagimiya told Machine that he will never be loved, Akira broke out and went to where Kagimiya is and smash the New Machine Banchou in two and defeated him! Akira and the Banchou Alliance came to see Machine with Tsukimi and when Machine opened his eyes to see Tsukimi was safe he was happy to protect her in the end but Tsukimi cryed and told him he will get better but nobody answer to that. Machine told her is fine and that he did it out of his will and now understand what Dr. Tsukina meant. Machine thanks Akira for making him self aware. He was confuse why liquid come out of her eyes but then oil came out of his own eyes too! Akira told him he became human but not only that but more human than anybody else! He was happy to hear that but wised to still with Tsukimi and he was shut down!?

Family Reunion ArcEdit

After the event on Machine Banchou Arc, everyone was recover from the event and Akira got tickets to a Soara concert! Everyone was shocked that he was into it even Hinako. Later Akira went out to get a gift for Soara and when he went there waiting in front of the line a group of Soara fan where there and was questioning him why is he in front. Akira give them a scary look and he was named leader of the group!  When he went to talk to Soara she was shock and took him away. She told him why is her big brother here and told him she never wanted to see him again!? She told him to leave because she doesn't wanted to be a banchou and hurt people like him or Takeshi! Akira try to give her the gift but she said to leave and Akira left.But then the concert was later invaded by a banchou named Mikio Makishima who is a huge fan Soara and wanted to kidnap Soara but Soara managaers to defeat him while singing to make the people think that everything was a play and they believed it?

Later Akira went to her and told her she got gut to make it into a skit without making people panic. Soara told him
Soara wearing Akira's present

Soara gift

the concert would have been ruined. She told Akira it was her dream to be a idol to make people happy but she knows her father and Takeshi would disapprove it because is not they nature but she rather make people happy than sad. She told Akira to left because Takeshi was here yesterday to help him with the 23 District Project! Akira was shock to hear that Takeshi was here but Soara told him he is not here anymore and she wanted to follow her principles as a idol. Akira was happy to hear that and told her he wanted to tell her to do her best as a idol and when he walk away, Soara notice the knife on his back and know that he was trying to save the concert too. Later Akira and Hinako was walking on the street and notice on TV that Soara was wearing Akira gift since he was happy to see.

Akira and Takeshi meet at their mother's grave

Brothers meet again

Later Akira went to the graveyard to see his mother grave but then notice a teddy bear but then a voice came and told him it was from Soara and it turn out to be Takeshi! Akira was shock to see him but Takeshi told he doesn't want to fight infront of their mother. They later start thinking of they mother death when they were kids. Takeshi told Akira that the next time they met they will decided who is the strongest. He also said that he will destory the rotton country and sent those ignorant people to hell. He also said that people who live without purpose, who can't live without others managing everything are no longer human!? Akira then told him that he will destory the 23 District Project and he will defeat him and they father. Takeshi walk away and told him that no one and stop this?

The Dark Student Council: Hakai Banchou ArcEdit

Akira and the Banchou Alliance were all at they school talking about they next plan since they took out 17 districts and only seven are remain and those remaining banchou made a team togehter called the Wolf Fang and that they have massive force! The one who is leadering the Wolf Fang is Kyouya Shiga. Akira told Yuu if a person by the name Takeshi was there but Yuu said there weren't a guy named Takeshi. The next day Ryougen came to Akira highschool and he was beaten half to death!! Akira told him who did this and he said a banchou with a white uniform? Ryougen told Akira they are not from the 23 District Project and passed out?

Kiriu notice Ryougen scars are pretty bad and know who did this to him and left the group to go after him. They told
Tokyo Tower falls

Tokyo Tower falls

him what wrong but he didn't listen and told him is a personal thing and left. The nexy day Akira was with Hinako but for some reason a person who look like him is on tv and it turn out to be Takeshi!! When Hinako show him the video he was shock to see his brother. The Banchou Alliance saw the tv and were suprised that Takeshi look like Akira but when they look at Akira he left, possible left to see where Takeshi is but when he got to where Takeshi is he destory Tokyo Tower to show everyone he was serious about his plan! Akira was furoius about what his brother did and was wonder if this is what he promise to they mother to become.

Later Akira return back to his classroom to see a banchou wearing a whit unifrom and was attackin the Banchou
Diamond Circular

Akira defeat Gamu

Alliance and was holding Haruka! The white unifrom reveal himself to be Gamu Kishiri and Akira told him he doesn't want to fight him because he was half dead from fighting the other banchou but he didn't listen to him and attack him. Akira punch him in the stomach, punch him in the mouth which broke his teeths and Akira finish him of by senting him flying out of a window by using Diamond Circular.

Akira went to see if Gamu
Alliance traveling towards Mugenjima

Banchou Alliance travling

was really defeated and later told what happen even the new project called Damocles Project and that they are playing to bomb Mugenjima airport! They decided to go find Kiriu for help but Gamu told him that he was killed by Kenji Isaki which shocked them all but then a hole came out of nowhere and took Gamu! The Banchou Alliance were sad to hear Kiriu was dead but Akira told them he is not a weak guy and he is still alive and Yuu agreed which they were happy to hear. The Banchou Alliance decided to travel to the airport to stop the Dark Student Councile.

While the Banchou Alliance traveling, Akira read Hinako note that she give him before they left and was happy to know that she cares, Gouriki got her new weapon, they continued to travel to a new island called Mugenjima where they battle will begin but while on the bridged to the Mugenjima, they were under attacked by sword fish. After defeating the wild sword fish, the one who was controling the sword fish revealed himself to be a Dark Student Council member Unabara Banchou who revealed himself to be a giant shark like creature. Unabara eat most of the bridged which made the Alliance unable to stop the truck to fight him and continued to drive away from it. Yuu used a secret jet engine to speed up they track to escape Unabara but the engine broke down due to the sword fish attack.

Gouriki decided to use her new weapon to "fish" Unabara out of the water, after Gouriki locked Unabara with her weapon and toss him away, the Banchou Alliance traveled to Mugenjima safely now. While walking around, the Banchou Alliance saw how foggier it was and that no one was living in Mugenjima, but they end up finding a texi driver from out of nowhere and the driver drove them to a near by hotel to rest before they big battle. After Raionji had his big fight with Hanzou Aniha, everyone was awoke from Hanzou sleep curse and went out to see if Raionji was okay, after helping Raionji, Hanzou stab himself in the neck which activated a sound like effect which made the ground to grow higher, making a tower like.

While up on the tower, the Banchou Alliance met with the other Dark Student Council who are also at top of the tower. The Dark Student Council told everyone that they made the tower as a tournament and if they win, they will tell them how do get down and stop the bomb. The Banchou Alliance had no choice but to agree to the tournament idea.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

As a Kongou, he posses immense physical strength, durability and fast healing. He is capable of lifting giant statues, repelling giant iron balls with his chest alone, healing broken bones in seconds, surviving 200m fall without injuries and much more. As calculated by Machine Banchou, the power of his flying knee attack is with impact force of 4.2 tons, while his Double Hammer is 12 tons and Wild Trailer 13 tons. While in Arakure Mode, his power increases around three times, and his simple punch have the attack power of 37 tons. In the last fight with his brother, he grow 300 meters tall and the simple fist fight between them was creating shockwaves, shaking the ground and creating cracks on it, making devastating earthquakes and tsunamis, and erupting magma leading to Earth destruction. In his giant form, his Double Hammer had the power of 300 megatons, as demonstrated when he hit Earth's core with such power, in order to stop Earth destruction.

Banchou StatsEdit

  • Strength: 10/10
  • Stamina: 10/10
  • Spirit: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 6/10
  • Agility: 5/10
  • Technique: 5/10


Akira fights using his inhuman strength and his ability to make his body harder than steel. His adamantine/kongou body literally translates as "being as hard as diamond." He can carry a car with one arm.

  • Double Hammer (打舞流叛魔 [ダブルハンマー], Daburu Hanmā; lit. Striking Dance-Style Rebellious Demon): After hardening his fists, Akira thrusts both at the enemy in a simultaneous punch.
  • Meteor Driver (罵而悪怒雷刃 [メテオドライバー], Meteo Doraibā; lit. Insulting Yet Evil Angry Thunder Blade): A combo that starts with a knee to the face, Akira then grabs the enemy by his waist as he bends forward and then frontflips over him, pulling him into the air and driving his head into the ground, while putting his feet on the opponent's armpits to ensure maximum fall damage..
  • Face Crush (斧鋭芻苦辣獣 [フェイスクラッシュ], Feisu Kurasshu; lit. Axe Edge Grass-Cutting Suffering Cruel Beast): A wild and primitive headbutt.
  • Wild Trailer (歪劉怒斗零羅 [ワイルドトレイラー], Wairudo Toreirā; lit. Bent Logging Axe Angry Big Dipper Spilled Spread): Hardening his entire body, Akira rushes forward with a clothesline attack.
  • Arakure Mode (荒殴零猛怒 [アラクレモード], Arakure Mōdo; lit. Wild Assault Overflow Fierce Anger): Akira's entire body increases in size and becomes a dark iron color. His fighting power is pushed to its limits thereby increasing the power of all of his other attacks. In this form Akira fights purely on instinct, following no refined pattern. He created this technique so he could defeat his brother.
  • Diamond Circular (大邪悶怒炸糾羅 [ダイヤモンド・サーキュラー], Daiyamondo Sākyurā; lit. Great Evil Worried Anger Explosion Twist Arrangement): After throwing the enemy in the air by violently punching him in the stomach, Akira turns on himself and hit the enemy in the face with his hard fist.
  • Bankara Buster (蛮漢魔王陀 [バンカラバスター], Bankara Basutā; lit. Barbarian Man's Man Demon King Steeping): A powerful blow which sends a shockwave through the enemy's body and then bursts out of it moments later, creating cuts and dealing severe damage to the enemy.