Haruya Kaburagi
Kabuki Banchou
Name Haruya Kaburagi
Kanji 鏑木 晴矢
Romanji Kaburagi Haruya
Title Kabuki Banchou (カブキ番長)
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Age 17-18
Likes Flashy pose
Dislikes Cowards and cowardly moves
Professional Status
District Katsushika District
Occupation Five Dark Vows
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed father
Fighting Style Kabuki
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 24
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Haruya Kaburagi (鏑木 晴矢, Kaburagi Haruya) is the banchou of the Katsushika District. He is the Kabuki Banchou. He wears kabuki makeup and wants everything he does to appear "flashy" and with style. He is the son of the president of the Kaburagi, his favorite food is mitarashi dango with roasted green tea. He does everything using kabuki poses and stances referring to what he does as performances. He hates cowards and underhanded moves which are ironic since his fighting style revolves around using hidden puppet-like arms to attack and relies on keeping his enemy at bay rather than fight up close. His loathing of cowards lead him to choose Hikyou Banchou as his opponent, the arena he picked was the simplest since it didn't give Hikyou Banchou any cover to set up any kind of trap or counter-attack. He had 300 underlings.

Five Dark Vows ArcEdit

Haruya and the other Five Dark Vows invade Akira high school to beat him. Ryougen was the first to found him while beating up some student but Akira came in and try to stop him. But then four more banchous came in! They told Akira that they are the Five Dark Vows and they made allies to defeat him. Akira starts fighting the Five Dark Vows but they were too many of them and when they almost finished him off but then the people Akira defeated Iai, Hikyou, Nenbutsu, and Gouriki came in and try to save Akira? Haruya and The Five Dark Vows summon all they underling to defeat them but they all defeated them with ease. The Five Dark Vows decided to continue the fight some other time and will tell them when and Haruya pick Yuu to fight since he hates cowards.

When the Banchou Alliance came to the abandon the military base, he and the others told them they gonna fight in
Haruya attacking Yuu

Haruya fighting Yuu

a one-on-one fight and they will fight in different levels of base and each one has a gimmick within them. Haruya was the first and he challeges Yuu and chose the arena which was the simplest since it wouldn't give Hikyou Banchou any opportunity to set up any kind of traps or use the environment to his advantage, When he was in the middle of beating Hikyou Banchou with his puppet arms, his stomach started acting up which made him realize the 10 dangos he had before the battle was given to him by Hikyou Banchou (he didn't know since few people know what Hikyou Banchou looks like outside of his banchou clothes) were laced with a very powerful laxative. This made him abandon the fight to rush to the bathroom, which to his horror didn't have any toilet paper (which might have also been planned by Hikyou Banchou). Haruya tries to kill the Banchou Alliances and his own team to gain they district by rigging the stage with explosives.
Haruya ending with Yuu

They meet again

After he tried to kill Akira's group and his former team members, he tried to escape by a taxi and asked the driver to take him home. When the driver offered him roasted green tea he happily accepted it, but when he heard the driver say it was his favorite food, he became afraid and realizes that it was Hikyou Banchou driving the taxi and had his tea drugged. Afterwards he never left home again and is now afraid of his favorite food.


He use a wooden box on his back filled with battle-ready puppet arms to fight.

  • Thousand Stabs of the Thousand Armed Goddess (千両千手観音刺し, Senryō Senju Kannon-zashi): Sends out all of his puppet arms with bladed tips in order to overwhelm his enemy with the sheer number of blades randomly raining down on them.
  • Thousand Slashes of the Holy King's Ring (千両金輪聖王斬り, Senryō Konrin Jōō-giri): By packing all his puppet arms together the function like a giant bladed whip.


  • Kabuki Banchou is based on Aramaki Kazuo's (30) "Kabuki Banchou" design.