Hikaru Oyanana
Name Hikaru Oyanana
Kanji 悪矢七光
Romanji Oyanana Hikaru
Gender Male Male
Likes Power, Bossing people around (formally)
Dislikes People who don't obey him, Student's from other schools (who aren't subject to his father's power)(formally)
Professional Status
District Chiyoda District
Personal Status
Relatives His father
Weapons His father's influence
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 2
Image Gallery

He is the son of the school's chairman. Because of his father's status, Hikaru gets away with everything from eating during class to openly undressing girls and still have the entry to the best universities. He gets everyone to do what he wants by promising them recommendations. He tried to get Akira to be his bodyguard and after Akira refused and embarrassed him he tried to get Takeshi to beat up Akira. After all failed attempts and Akira giving him advice about not depending on others power, he takes a turn for the better. He later became a much better person and was willingly protect his classmate, friends and trying to become the nex Kongou Bancho after Akira's death. He was last seen at Yuu and Haruka's wedding.


Oyanana acts like a spoiled and selfish person to everyone he meets even forcing people to do what he wants but when Akira taught him a lesson, Oyanana became a nicer person and wanted to help people like Akira does.

Meeting Akira ArcEdit