Takeshi Ouda
Ouda Takeshi
Name Takeshi Ouda
Kanji 住田 猛
Romanji Ōda Takeshi
Gender Male Male
Likes Training, Yakiniku (after a match), Rock music
Dislikes Staying still, Classical music
Professional Status
District Chiyoda District
Personal Status
Weapons Boxing gloves
Fighting Style Boxing
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 2
Image Gallery

Takeshi Ouda (住田 猛, Ōda Takeshi) is the school's boxing champ and apparently the only member of the boxing club. Marked by many as being "set to become the future Heavyweight Grand Champion". His left straight punch is said to have 900 kg of power, when Akira took his punch without any defense, Takeshi saw the kind of person Akira was and admitted defeat. He was hired by Oyanana to beat Akira up, but Akira was too strong and saw what kind of person he is and later help him beat Kiriu but was beaten easily.


  • Killer Blow (キラーブロウ, Kirā Burou): A powerful straight left. Oda's most powerful finishing move.
  • Needle Rush (ニードルラッシュ, Nīdoru Rasshu): A collection of uppers, jabs, hooks and straights, forming a storm of blows like a swarm of hornets.