Yuu Akiyama
Yuu Akiyama
Name Yuu Akiyama
Kanji 秋山 優
Romanji Akiyama Yū
Title Hikyou Banchou (卑怯番長)
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Age 17-18
Likes Dirty trick, being called a coward, his little brothers and sisters
Dislikes People harming his little brothers and sisters
Professional Status
District Itabashi District
Occupation Banchou Alliance
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed adopted little brothers and sisters

Haruka Kodama (wife)
Rai Kodama (step son)

Weapons Ayatori

Torture Whip
Various traps

Fighting Style Dirty tricks
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 14
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  Yuu Akiyama (秋山 優, Akiyama Yū) is the banchou of the Itabashi District. He was raised in the Harobaro House institute for the orphan and take care of his thirteen little apoted brothers and sisters. Lies, sneak attacks, covert weapons, kidnapping, black mail in order to support the institute on his own, he'd dirty his own hand with any crime, but now he's relying his own skill to win the 23 District Project. He wears a burglar mask and cap when he fights so others don't know what he looks like, so they don't set traps for him and also so his family won't be put in danger, he states "if it's for the sake of my precious brothers and sisters I'll be as cowardly as it takes". He's the villain of justice aiming to become dictator for the sake of his little brothers and sisters.


He is the Hikyou (Cowardly) Bancho. His catch phase is "lets fight in a fair, cowardly way" He will use anything to win (lies, sneak attacks, covert weapons, kidnapping, etc.) he attacks Akira with a seris of traps. Using a cell phone shaped pistol on a train to injure his leg, blowing up an office to temporally blind him, tricking a semi-blind Akira to jump into traffic using a ball (lying to Akira saying it was a grenade) breaking his right arm, kidnapping Tsukimi so that when he finally fights Akira, Akira has to hold still. He was defeated when he tried to use a wrecking ball on Akira and was sent back at him. Akira was ready to deliver the final blow when Yuu's underling (Kouta, one of his little brothers) intervened stopping Akira, Harito appears and uses Kouta as shield telling Yuu to stab Akira. Yuu does so then fake stabs himself trying to save Kouta in the end Akira saved both of them since the knife had no effect on him. His reason for helping Akira is so that Akira will be indebted to help him when needed and he plans to back-stab Akira when he wins control over all the districts (the real reasons is most likely that he is thankful to Akira who worried about his (Yuu's) family even if he tried to kill him).



He is a man who seemed to be a coward who doesn't fight his opponent fist to fist but rather to use dirty tricks and lies, but despite this he is a good man trying to help his little brothers and sisters by winning the 23 District Project for a better life for them and will fight as cowardly as he can be to protect someone he care about.


Yuu grew up in an orphanage with his 13 little brothers and sisters (no blood relation). After the owners lost their money to gambling debts, he would do any dirty job for money (blackmail, fraud, stealing, etc.) to support the orphanage. Some of the orphans knew about this but still cared about him like a big brother.

Plot Edit

Meeting Akira Arc Edit

Yuu first appeared in disguise under the name (blank), appearing as a newly recruited underling of Harito Takaradzuka and tricked him into thinking that Akira was still injured from his fight with Gouriki. Harito went to fight Akira but he was beaten easily and when he came back Harito was mad at Yuu for the false information but Yuu simply laughed and said he was happy to see how Akira fights and how strong he truly was which left Harito confused, Harito was then stab by his own underling because Yuu had promised Tokyo to her if she betrayed Harito. Immediately after, a fight broke out amongst the rest of Harito's underlings because Yuu had promised each of them Tokyo. He then told Harito to withdraw from the 23 District Project and when Harito refused, Yuu pulled out a picture of Harito's parents and threatened their lives if Hairo didn't comply. When Harito called Yuu a coward for using such tactics, Yuu revealed himself as Hikyou Banjou and declared that with Harito's district under his control, he could now go after Akira!

Later on the train Yuu brought a gun in it and shoot Akira with it to weaken him and he can't attack because they on the train. Later he trick Akira to a old school building which exploded and made Akira semi blind due to the smoke. He was on the street with Akira got a grenade and toss it on the road and when Akira catch it, it turn out to be a rubber ball and a trunck come by and hit him! Akira right arm was broken and Yuu called Hinako that he got Tsukimi and told them Akira have to come alone which he did.

Akira went to where Hikyou is and Hikyou told him he will let Tsukimi go if he did something. Hikyou told
Akira repelling iron ball with his chest alone

Akira reflected iron ball attack

him not to move while he whipped 100th times and if he did he'd kill Tsukimi. After whipping him he decided to leave but Akira told him to continued, Hikyou was shock to hear that but continued as he was told but after a while the whip was getting broken and Akira injury are almost heal while Hikyou was busy whipping him but he went back outside to get something and broken throught a wall showing he got a iron ball on a mobile crane to smash him but when he does it, it had no effect on Akira! Hikyou was totally shocked what happen and Akira told him to stick with his word to let Tsuikimi go but then a little kid came by dressing up as Hikyou and said to let Hikyou go and calling him his big brother?

For revenge for Hikyou tricking him. He got the boy whose name is Kouta hostage and told Hikyou who names is Yuu. Harito told him and Akira that he know everything about Yuu that his real name and where he came from and

Yuu will be as cowardly as he can be

that he became a forest parent to the 13 kids to be his brothers and sisters and that Kouta is one of them. Harito reveal that Hikyou do dirty trick and lies in dark jobs to paid of for raising the kids but Kouta knew about this becaus he saw him go out that night and might be doing something bad but still have great fate in him. Yuu was happy to hear that and told Kouta that he will be as cowarly as he can be for the sake of his brothers and sisters. Harito told him if he wanted Kouta to live he have to kill Akira with a knife and himself. He did what he told him to and kill Akira and then himself. Harito was laughing in victory but it turn out Yuu faked his death and try to attack him but Harito attack back but then Akira got up which shocked Harito and it turn out Akira is still alive and defeated Harito. After that it turn out Tsukimi was with Yuu brothers and sisters the whole time playing and he went there to get her. Before they left Yuu ask him why he saved him and told him what would happen to the kids. Yuu said Akira might wins this round but he will still be his enemy and win the Project. But Akria told don't be reckless in his life which touched Yuu.

Five Dark Vows Arc Edit

He later returned with a group of other banchos (all of whom were defeated by Akira) to assist Akira against the Five Dark Vows
Backup arrives

Yuu aiding Akira

, His reason for helping Akira is so that Akira will be indebted to help him when needed and he plans to back-stab Akira when he wins control over all the districts (the real reasons is most likely that he is thankful to Akira who worried about his (Yuu's) family even if he tried to kill him). After Yuu and the other banchou defeat the Five Dark Vows underling he and the others join Akira High School to talk more about the Five Dark Vows. Later Yuu and the rest was told to go to an abandoned military base to fight, when they got there the Five Dark Vows shown up and challeged them to a one-on-one fight each of them and they will fight in different level of the base and each one have a suprise in them.

Yuu was the first to
Haruya feeling weird

Yuu defeated Haruya

fight and his opponent is Haruya Kaburagi. They ended up
Haruya attacking Yuu

Haruya fighting Yuu

fighting in a area were very simplest and the reason Haruya pick this one because it doesn't give Hikyou Banchou any cover to set up any kind of trap or counter attack, Haruya was beating him when his stomach started acting up which made him realize the 10 dangos he had before the battle were given to him by Yuu (he didn't know since only a very few people know what Yuu looks like outside of his banchou clothes) were laced with a very powerful laxative making him abandon the fight to rush to the bathroom which left Yuu the winner.

Yuu and the other saw Ryougen fight with Akira but the place was going to expoled because of Haruya and try to
Haruya ending with Yuu

They meet again

ecape with the others. After that he and the others saw Ryougen fight and Akira was winning. After Akira saved everyone by tossing the bomb away to save them everyone decided to go out and eat. Yuu left and found Haruya and trick him into drinking with powerful laxative and when Haruya call him a coward he said that is a highest prise for him but when it came out of him he got mad and beat him half to death! Haruya is now afraid to come out of his own house!

Machine Banchou Arc Edit

When Yuu learn of Akira death he went to the hospitality to see. When Yuu and the other Banchou Alliance came in
Yuu cutting AT-KM arm

Yuu new weapon

they were all upset and Yuu said if this was a sick joke. All of the Banchou Alliance agree to go where Machine is for revenger expert for Yuu who left and went out but when he was out he got a chair and destory it out of angry and went to where Machine is for revenger. Yuu manager to get into Machine place and disguised himself as one of the workers but was found out by Machine. Dr. Kagiyama order one of his underling to attack Yuu but the machine fell apart due to Yuu works. Machine went to him and fight him but Yuu was able to dodge his attacks. Yuu manager to cut Machine arm by using his new weapon Ayatori. They counited to fight each other but unfortunately Machine used Riot Piercer and electred Yuu and defeated him. The whole team was reported dead and Machine went to they highschool and start taking control but they got up and start attacking him again.

The whole school classmates join in the fight to save the school but they weren't strong even but then a loud stomp is coming closer and closer. Everyone was confused but then they realize who it is and then Akira broke throught a wall and was reveal to be alive again!? Everyone was happy to see him again but Machine underling told them why is he alive but all of them yelled out "LIKE I CARE" like Akira does and Akira turn to Machine and end up having a second fight! the other were there to see Machine fate.

The Dark Student Council Arc Edit

Yuu and the Banchou Alliance were all at they school talking about they next plan since they took out 17 districts and only seven are remain and those remaining banchou made a team togehter called the Wolf Fang and that they have massive force! The one who is leadering the Wolf Fang is Kyouya Shiga. Akira told Yuu if a person by the name Takeshi was there but Yuu said there weren't a guy named Takeshi. The Banchou Alliance called it a day and Raionji ask about why Akira ask about a guy named Takeshi but Kiryu told him is unnecesary thing to share with strangers? Raionji told him they friends here but Kiryu told them that they are just alliance who owns Akira and that they are not friends!? Yuu was laught saiding that he is not even a comrade because his goal was to win the 23 District Project.

The next day Ryougen came to Akira highschool and he was beaten half to death!! Akira told him who did this and
Gamu showing up

Dark Student Council appear

he said a banchou with a white uniform? Ryougen told Akira they are not from the 23 District Project and passed out? Kiry notice Ryougen scars are pretty bad and know who did this to him and left the group to go after him. They told him what wrong but he didn't listen and told him is a personal thing and left. Yuu and the other Banchou Alliance saw a video on Hinako phone about a guy who look like Akira but it Takeshi and Takeshi told everyone in Japan the plan and he destory Tokyo Tower! Everyone was shock and was wonderly who he is but then a woman came in and told them who he is and it turn out to be Haruka Kodama! They talk about what going on and the reason she here was to tell Akira about Takeshi and told them about what going on in Japan now but then banchou with a white unifrom bust through a wall! The white unifrom attack Haruka but she dodge but Raionji got hit and fall down. When the white unifrom was

Under the Scorpion Killing Technique

about to attack Yuu but Haruka stopped his attack and start hitting him but her hand was bleeding and Gouriki try to attack him but his hand eat her weapon and almost eat her!? But Yuu saved her in time and tried the white unifrom. Raionji got up and try to blast him with his air but the white unifrom cut his way out and beat Raionji! The white unifrom reveal his named to be Gamu Kishiri. Gamu told them what happening and that the 23 District Project was frozen and that a new project called Damocles Project was going on and told them what it is and that there is 46 members! Gamu also said he will have to kill them! Before he could fight Haruka used the Scorpion Killing Technique to the Banchou Alliance!  Gamu was questioning why she did that to her allies but later they came up standing looking like zombies and start attacking him! Gamu wasn't abilty to block due to they new fighting movements and Haruka found an opening and use her technique on him and he was paralyze. Haruka told him she used a pressure points that temporarily numbs their limbs lose and increase they physically abilities several times. The Banchou Alliance woke up from the technique and Haruka made Gamu to talk more about the true plan which was called Damocles Project and told them that a island will be bombed and is from 7 days. Haruka told him if he is doing this too but he said he is not part of it. Gamu was trying to break free but Haruka told him he will die and his blood came out and pass out. Haruka told them what happen but then Gamu got up again to
Alliance traveling towards Mugenjima

Banchou Alliance travelling

kill them. Haruka was smiling and told him it was over because Akira was in the room now! Akira saw what was happing and defeated Gamu with one punch and sent him flying out!! They went to see if Gamu was really defeated and later they told Akira what's happen even the new project called Damocles Project and that they are playing to bomb Mugenjima airport! They decided to go find Kiryu for help but Gamu told him that he was killed by Kenji Isaki which shocked them all but then a hole came out of nowhere and took Gamu! The Banchou Alliance were sad to hear Kiryu was dead but Akira told them he is not a weak guy and he is still alive and Yuu agreed which they were happy to hear. The Banchou Alliance decided to travel to the airport to stop the Dark Student Councile.

While the Banchou Alliance traveling, Yuu found out that Haruka has a crush on Yuu alter ego without her realizing who he is. After Gouriki got her new weapon, they continued to travel to a new island called Mugenjima where they battle will begin but while on the bridged to the Mugenjima, they were under attacked by sword fish. After defeating the wild sword fish, the one who was controling the sword fish revealed himself to be a Dark Student Council member Unabara Banchou who revealed himself to be a giant shark like creature. Unabara eat most of the bridged which made the Alliance unable to stop the truck to fight him and continued to drive away from it. Yuu used a secret jet engine to speed up they track to escape Unabara but the engine broke down due to the sword fish attack.

Gouriki decided to use her new weapon to "fish" Unabara out of the water, after Gouriki locked Unabara with her weapon and toss him away, the Banchou Alliance traveled to Mugenjima safely now. While walking around, the Banchou Alliance saw how foggier it was and that no one was living in Mugenjima, but they end up finding a texi driver from out of nowhere and the driver drove them to a near by hotel to rest before they big battle. While everyone slept for the night, Yuu found the hotel to be very strange and decided to locked all entrances and set a alarm to wake anyone up if someone came in.

After Raionji had his big fight with Hanzou Aniwa, everyone was awoke from Hanzou sleep curse and went out to see if Raionji was okay, after helping Raionji, Hanzou stab himself in the neck which activated a sound like effect which made the ground to grow higher, making a tower like.

While up on the tower, the Banchou Alliance met with the other Dark Student Council who are also at top of the tower. The Dark Student Council told everyone that they made the tower as a tournament and if they win, they will tell them how do get down and stop the bomb. The Banchou Alliance had no choice but to agree to the tournament idea. Shiori Kamitsu (a member of the Dark Student Council started the fight by sending small sharp thing toward the Banchou Alliance and almost hit the wounded Rainoji but Yuu stop the attack and was kind of mad at the Dark Student due to coward acts are his thing and that they were about to hit a wounded monk and started the first fight.

Yuu enter the ring and wanted to know whose his opponent is, but then Masaki Hoshikari came in and grab hold to his Ayatori but then Yuu cut off Masaki fingers and start screaming, but Masaki stop when his finger grew back. Masaki somehow was able to float a rock with his mind and was sending it toward Yuu, but Yuu manger to slice the rock with his Ayatori, but Makaski used the small cut rock to attack Yuu. While on the ground, Yuu notice something about Makashi powers and got up again when Makashi summon another rock to attack Yuu but Yuu then jump above it and toss knifes toward Makashi to reveal his ability is to attract iron which Makashi use his power to stop the knifes from stabbing him and reveal his true face.

Masaki then reveal that this whole island is fill with iron and it became his own weapon.

Brainwashed Banchous Arc Edit

Hikyou v.s. Gedou Edit

Final Chapter Edit

Five years after the final battle with Takeshi Kongou, Yuu has become police officer (specializing in undercover work) and just married Haruka Kodama.

Banchou StatsEdit

  • Strength: 5/10
  • Stamina: 4/10
  • Spirit: 9/10
  • Intelligence: 9/10
  • Agility: 7/10
  • Technique: 7/10


  • Harobaro House: As revealed during his battle with Gedou Banchou, Yuu has secretly modified the orphanage into a virtual bomb shelter, able to stand the impact of a nuclear missle. Further, he has various lethal weapons hidden on the ground of the orphanage as well.
  • Torture Whip: Yuu has a whip that can easily cut stabproof vests, it has titanium spikes hidden within bundled its special wires.


True to his title, Yuu Akiyama's fighting style relies heavily on traps and treachery.


  • Torture Whip: Yuu prefers to use a whip made of braided wires, with titanium spikes concealed in it.
  • Gun Arm: Yuu's left arm is actually an advanced prosthetic that conceals a powerful gun that may be a grenade launcher.


  • Dirty Execution (汚れし処刑 [ダーティーエクスキューション], Dātī Ekusukyūshon): After wrapping his enemy he pulls hard causing the whip to slice his enemies entire body.
  • Ayatori (殺鳥, Ayatori; lit. Split Bird): Connecting threads of synthetic fiber between each of his fingers to sever opponents ligaments. Pun on Japanese word for "string figure", better known as "cat's cradle".
  • Dirty Rondo (ダーディ・ロンド): Hikyou Banchou performs a series of overhead slashes with his whip.
  • Dirty Dice (ダーティー・ダイス, Dātī Daisu):


  • Harobaro House: He cared about the his little brothers and sisters so much he will be as cowarly as he can be to protect them and willing to put his own life on the line to supported them.
  • Sasori Banchou: (aka Haruka Kodama) seems to have a crush on his alter ego Yuu Akiyama because he brings her rice, and like herself is taking care of children that is not of blood relation all by himself.


  • "Let's fight in a fair, cowardly way." (catchphrase)
  • "If it's for the sake of my precious brothers and sisters I'll be as cowardly as it takes." (other catchphrase)
  • "Thank you, that's the highest praise for me." (response when called a coward")